Record labels that accept unsolicited demos

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Gear Gods scribe Trey Xavier makes a really good point with regards to sending unsolicited demos to record labels: . Think of it like this - expecting a label to sign you based solely on a demo you send, even a good one, is like expecting someone to marry you based on a photograph you send them.

The problem for unsigned artists submitting demos direct to UK/US/EU labels is that increasingly record labels do not deal with or accept unsolicited submissions. These artists themselves are not in the position to know the key record label contacts and strategy to get their music heard by a record label.
According to Sound On Sound, "One of the most common complaints from A&R people at record companies is that the senders of unsolicited demos often make little attempt to ensure that the style and format of their recordings match what the record company deals with." Send your demo CD to labels that you know will be interested in you ...
    1. Demo submissions should be directed to UMG's record labels, but kindly note that they are unable to accept unsolicited material. The fourth disc is where we find the original The Def Leppard EP, "early version" recordings, single edits and b-sides.
    2. Unsolicited demos - You must call the record label in advance to make them aware that you are sending them an unsolicited demo. Solicited demos allways get priority over unsolicited demos, So calling in advance will put your unsolicited demo a priority.
    3. Do you accept unsolicited demos? Bill: Yes & no - it's how we discovered quite a few of our artists (The Limiñanas, Night Beats, Paperhead, Ultimate Painting, Holögrama, & 31Ø8 were all unsolicited). We definitely try to listen to anything sent our way, & we tend to know what we like right away.
    4. Not necessarily. Demo deals generally include provisions that give the record company "first negotiation rights" and the right of "first refusal." In effect, if you accept funds from a label to record your demo, you are obligated to negotiate with that label for a deal before you go anywhere else to shop the tape.
    5. But every now and then a record label will go out of business or no longer accept demos for whatever reason. Do your homework on these labels and try to find individual email addresses or look them up on social media and message them. As best we know it, all these record labels are accepting demos now.
    6. We also do something that most labels fail to do. WE LISTEN. Listening to artists submissions is the only way to find the right talent. We accept all demos from the artists themselves. We accept all unsolicited material and we guarantee we will listen to it. Feel free to submit your demo to [email protected]
    7. Radio Submit is a powerful interface that allows artists and record companies to deliver crucial artist information to a variety of media outlets, including AM / FM radio, TV, print and digital destinations. Radio Submit was also the first to offer this full service EPK with the added capability of delivering broadcast quality music.
    8. Here are a few record label contacts i had since 2009.... Aftermath Entertainment 2220 Colorado Blvd., 5th Floor Santa Monica, CA 90404 Contacts: Angelo Sanders, A&R Director Andre Young (Dr. Dre), President Phone: 1-310-865-7642 Fax: 1-310-865-7068 Email: None Given Website: Genre: Hip Hop, Rap, Urban, Contemporary R&B Accepting Unsolicited Demos / Press Kits ...
    9. Seattle has some amazing local labels that are known all over the globe. The hardest part is usually getting your stuff in the door and heard. These are the local labels accept unsolicited submissions. If you are a label that accepts submissions and would like to be listed on this page click here.
    Jun 08, 2021 · Music bloggers and playlisters have a lot of influence in the music industry. Label : Sony Masterworks. If you look under the FAQ’s or contact information of most record label websites, you’ll see some kind of variation of a note saying “we’re not accepting unsolicited demos at this time.
Here's a bit of reality: If you are looking for a list of record labels that accept unsolicited demos, then you probably aren't record label material. It can be used to find an agent, gig, or recording label. Music Publisher Directory. We compiled the biggest list of record labels accepting demos and looking to sign new singers and bands.

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Discover record labels around the world. ... Accepting Unsolicited Demos. BeatPort Available ... Do any major record labels accept rap demo's? ... Major Labels often do not accept unsolicited demos. What are some major record companies? The top 4 record labels are called major labels. The ...

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