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Jun 20, 2019 · Website: Raspberry Pi Projects. Heartbeat monitor. This project pairs the Pi with Bluetooth heartbeat sensors that are popular with gym equipment, enabling you to get more useful stats from a workout than your usual treadmill display. Daniel here has made data analysis very flexible with the code. Website: GitHub repo. Open-source syringe pump

The sensor's small size allows for easy installation in an air quality monitoring box or any other small DIY project case. How Does the Dust Sensor Work? The dust sensor uses an optical sensing method to detect dust. A photosensor and an infrared light-emitting diode which is known as an IR LED are optically arranged in the dust sensor module.
Pimoroni Enviro+ pHAT. PMS5003 Particulate Matter Sensor with Cable available from Pimoroni and eBay. This lab depends on Visual Studio Code and Remote SSH development. Remote SSH development is supported on Raspberry Pis built on ARMv7 chips or better. The Raspberry Pi Zero is built on ARMv6 architecture.
    1. Now your Raspberry Pi Pico can monitor your environment with this fantastic Environmental Sensor Module from Waveshare! This Pico HAT can monitor the following aspects of your local environment using its range of onboard sensors: Visible light IR light UV rays Temperature Humidity Air Pressure Air Quality/VOC (Volatile
    2. Aug 21, 2013 · Tom, Alyssa and Air Pi. AirPi is an open-source weather and pollution monitoring system, with the ability to record and stream data. Including the Pi, it comes in at £55: tens of times cheaper than equivalent off-the-shelf equipment. Things have come a long way since the first, competition-winning iteration of AirPi: Alyssa and Tom have been ...
    3. The most versitile IoT platform on the market. The AutoPi system is great for your projects, this is just some of the things you could build with your AutoPi. Image analysis. Using image analysis to improve driving behaviour. Add sensors. Use external sensors to add new featuers to your car, like parking assistance.
    4. The Problem Statement Like many people, I work in a room with a workbench, lights, fans, Air-Conditioning and bench test equipment etc. During work hours I have a habit of taking trips away from the bench for a multitude of reasons which includes visits to the little boy's room, taking personal phones calls, 15 minutes...
    5. The air pressure sensor is a type of engine-management sensor commonly found on many vehicles. The sensor on the Astro Pi is responsible for measuring the atmospheric pressure of the environment on the International Space Station. HQ Camera. The Raspberry Pi High Quality (HQ) Camera sensor from Raspberry Pi offers a 12 megapixels resolution.
    6. Thus, this project is about proposing an intelligent home surveillance system with the use of Raspberry Pi. Whenever intrusion detected, the image of the intruder will be captured using a camera fasten to the Raspberry Pi device. Meanwhile, a buzzer represents an alarm that will be triggered once the intruder is captured in the frame of the camera.
    7. AfterShock - A Solar Powered Earthquake Detector for your Pi. Detect Earthquakes at YOUR house with the Solar powered AfterShock sensor - supports WeatherSense and SkyWeather2 Raspberry Pi projects. 22 backers pledged $5,555 to help bring this project to life.
    8. Altitude Technology have a very interesting Kickstarter campaign that's just entering its final few days. It's for an Internet of Things air quality monitoring device called Sensly, and one of the interesting things about it is that it's available either as a consumer unit or, considerably more cheaply, as a Raspberry Pi HAT.
    9. Monitor your world with Enviro for the Raspberry Pi! There's a whole bunch of fancy environmental sensors on these boards, and a gorgeous little full-colour LCD to display your data. They're the perfect way to get started with citizen science and environmental monitoring! Enviro + Air Quality is designed for environmen
    Tutorial: Air Quality on the Raspberry Pi with the HM3301 Introduction. The Laser PM2.5 Sensor (HM3301) is a next generation of laser dust detection sensor, which is used for continuous and real-time detection of dust in the air. It is an inexpensive, yet accurate, way of measuring air quality in terms of AQI,
A list of Grove Sensors for the Raspberry Pi. Grove Sensors for the Raspberry Pi: Officially supported and Tested. These Grove modules have been tested by Dexter Industries and the GrovePi community and have examples available to try them out in our Github repository.. Use them with our robots, GoPiGo, GrovePi or BrickPi!

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With the development of industrialization, air pollution is getting worse and worse. Toxic chemical odors are even common with new furniture. These invisible killers are destroying your health day by day. You do need to concern about your health as soon as possible and DFRobot Gravity BME680 environmental sensor can help make an air quality ...

Jul 01, 2021 · by Jackson O'Connell. Published Jul 1, 2021. Advertisement. Raspberry Pi computers are ideal for projects with the internet of things. Read on for some great Raspberry Pi IoT projects! Contents. Internet of Pi. Weather Station. Air Quality Monitor. The magazine for the modern makerAdafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor with I2C Interface - PMSA003I : ID 4505 - Breathe easy, knowing that you can track and sense the quality of the air around you with this PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor with I2C Interface particulate sensor. Mad Max & Furiosa definitely should have hooked up one of these in their truck while scavenging the dusty ...

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